A milestone.

I’m very happy to announce that the University Personnel Committee at St. John’s University met on Wednesday and voted unanimously to approve my application for tenure and promotion–which means that I will be a tenured associate professor as of September 1st. Obviously this is a major milestone in my academic life, and when reaching such a milestone one has a tendency to look back at what led to it. In my case, I’ve been fortunate to have good colleagues, students and mentors at all levels, and I want to thank all of them–even those who will never read this post–whether I found them in Canton High School, UCONN, Brandeis, Boston University or St. John’s. And on a personal level, I am incredibly grateful to both friends and family for their love and support through the years.

Heading back to my car after the vote I found myself thinking about my father, who received his doctorate from St. John’s thirty years ago. I can’t know for sure, of course, but I would like to think he finds the same satisfaction that I do in patterns and cycles…one which led him, and now me, to this place. There’s still much to do in the academic world, and of course I’m early in my journey down the creative road…but this is a good moment to pause and reflect, and I’m glad to have that opportunity.

Best wishes and thanks to all,
Greg (and for the first time–Associate Professor of English)