Panel Appearance at Ad Astra, April 9, 2010–The Joy(s) of Teaching Speculative Fiction

This is a panel I was on at Ad Astra 2010 in Toronto, about issues concerning the teaching of courses in speculative fiction. I’ve been teaching such a course since just about the time I first got to St. John’s, and so I was looking forward to finding out what other professors (in this case, Mike Johnstone and Bob Boyczuk) were doing in their classes. We had a small turnout (hey, I’m not sure I would be incredibly excited to attend a panel at 10 p.m. on a Friday night either!), but this was an informative panel, and we all (apparently) had a good time. (Keep in mind that although the audio quality was pretty good, there is still a spike or two in volume despite my best attempts to smooth them out.)