Reading at Ad Astra–April 11, 2010

Convention readings tend to be a hit or miss proposition, because there’s so much cool stuff going on at one time that there’s no way of knowing how many people you’re going to get interested in your particular session. In this case, though, we had the benefit of three readers, matching me with Chris Jackson and (wait for it) Ed Greenwood! (Other conventions, take note: this method of pairing newer authors with more experienced/established ones is a great one, and I’m glad Ad Astra decided to go with the feedback they got from myself and some others from last year.) We had a reasonable turnout, particularly concerning it was the next to last session on Sunday after a number of people had already headed for home, and it was great hearing the other readings–particularly Ed’s stuff, which as usual was fun and flawlessly presented. (A D and D session with Ed would be, I think, the most hilarious thing ever. How could it not be?) Audio quality is okay here but a bit quiet; my part of the reading, if you’re only interested in that (but listen to the others if you have the time), starts about fourteen minutes in.