On the day Icarus fell into my volcano, everythin’ changed–up there and down here–for good.

My name’s Jellinek, and I’m a flamepetal prospector in Vol…not much to look at, maybe four feet tall, red-skinned and ugly as you please (to hear my ma tell it). For a lot of cycles now I’ve lived in Vol, and it ain’t an easy life, what with the magisters who run the place (look at ’em the wrong way and you’ll find yourself in a lava flow), the flame demons roamin’ around, and a bunch of folks who’d rather steal from ya than help ya. But I try not to complain; I got Rig, my solar (he’s five feet tall with horns, two tails and eyelids that close sideways), and we get by okay.

So, Rig and me was out lookin’ for flamepetals and got ambushed by a flame demon…but just as I’d given up my business Iccy fell right on top of ‘im, and next thing you know Iccy opened those wings of his and burned the thing to a crisp with some crazy blue light. Oh–and I guess I should’ve said that Iccy don’t look like us, not by a long shot: white wings, fair skin, blue eyes, brown hair, and lookin’ like he ain’t even old enough to shave.

Well, since he helped us, we try to help him…but the problem is he’s forgotten everythin’ about his past, includin’ why he’s in Vol in the first place, and as soon as the magisters hear about him they all decide they want a piece. As it turns out, there’s a lot more goin’ on than just with Iccy and me–in Vol, the world outside, and what we have to do to save both places…and why. It’s got your action, your humor, and damned if it don’t have some entertainin’ storytellin’ from yours truly, if I do say so myself. (Iccy tells half the story too, if you’re inta that “proper speakin'” and all.). I think it’s a good story, and if I were you I’d check it out. It’s worth the read. And good day to ya.

Read an excerpt (PDF) from Icarus


The graphic novel version is coming from Silence in the Library Publishing in both digital and physical forms: both will be available here by mid-April 2016, and you can preorder the Kindle edition right here.