The Third Sign

The Third Sign

In a fantastic world of political intrigue, prophecy, and betrayal, one young man flees the destruction of his home city, unaware that there is more to fear than mortal warriors. He and his companions, legendary heroes from a violent past, must search for the answer to the ultimate question: what is The Third Sign?


On the day Icarus falls into the volcano, everything in the world of Vol changes–above and below–for good. Icarus is a fair-skinned, blue-eyed young man with white wings and no memory; Jellinek is a four foot tall, red-skinned flamepetal prospector with little money and less patience. They are as different as night and day, sky and ground; but in the end, their differences will bind them together more strongly than either one could have predicted.


For ten years the assassin Grayshade has eliminated threats to the Order of Argoth, the Just God. The Acolytes of Argoth are silent and lethal enforcers of the Order’s will within the sprawling city of Cohrelle, whose own officials must quietly bow to the Order’s authority while publicly distancing themselves from its actions.
Part mystery, part spy thriller, Grayshade is the story of a religious assassin whose faith is the only thing holding his world together. And when it wavers, his quest to regain it may consume the entire city.

Tales and Tomes from the Forbidden Library

Originally presented to authors in the Gen Con Writers Symposium as a series of adventures in front of a live audience, this is a three part, fully compatible D&D 5E adventure for characters levels 1-3, leading the characters into the Eastern Wing of Hearthglow’s Academy’s Library–where they will discover why it has been forbidden to students and teachers for twenty years. But it’s also a sourcebook, with prominent speculative fiction authors and tabletop gaming professionals lending their talents to describe various books which can be found within the library. A vibrant setting and compelling story make an adventure which DMs will love to run and players will love to play, and a sourcebook which will help enhance many future adventures as well.