Heading to Boston again!

Hi all, On my way to Boston for my eighth Readercon, a really interesting and different fantasy and science fiction convention, where I’ll be on a couple of panels and doing a reading.  If you’re in the area of the Burlington Marriott, please stop by and say hello–and as always, details can be found on […]

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This is my (amazingly!) eighth year at Readercon, which means I’m heading up to Beantown again for a great fantasy and science fiction conference.  (As always, there may be a day pass cost for the con, but it’s well worth it given how many awesome authors and editors they have.)  This year I have two […]

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Readercon, July 10, 2014–Power Differentials in Reviewing

A really interesting (and somewhat outside the box) panel at Readercon on the real and/or perceived tension between reviewers, the work they’re reviewing, and the people who read and comment upon the reviews.  Kevin Clark, John Clute, Amal El-Mohtar, Lila Garrott, Alex Jablokow and I took on the topic from a variety of perspectives, and while there was some lively disagreement (John had a somewhat more Romantic perspective on the critic’s role than I do, for example!), it all contributed to a energizing and fun discussion.  As is often the case at Readercon, the audio here was a bit shaky, so be warned that this may at times be a little difficult to hear.