This is one of several “first conventions” for me this year, and it’s a big one–Dragoncon has been around for a number of years, and has become one of the biggest fantasy and science fiction conventions on the East Coast.  Besides the costumes and celebrities, it’s also got quite the author/literature track, and I’m happy […]

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Heading to Boston again!

Hi all, On my way to Boston for my eighth Readercon, a really interesting and different fantasy and science fiction convention, where I’ll be on a couple of panels and doing a reading.  If you’re in the area of the Burlington Marriott, please stop by and say hello–and as always, details can be found on […]

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This is my (amazingly!) eighth year at Readercon, which means I’m heading up to Beantown again for a great fantasy and science fiction conference.  (As always, there may be a day pass cost for the con, but it’s well worth it given how many awesome authors and editors they have.)  This year I have two […]

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Farpoint, February 14, 2015–War and Peace in Fantasy and Science Fiction

I really enjoyed this panel, a discussion of war and peace (and the movements between those conditions) in speculative fiction.  Timothy Zahn, David Mack, Mike McPhail and I spent the better part of an hour talking about ways to render war and conflict both on the macro level, and how real life war and peace necessarily flows into our writing about the same topics in our fiction.  We weren’t one hundred percent in agreement (not surprisingly), but the conversation was both civil and productive, and my favorite one from Farpoint this year.