World Fantasy Convention, November 7, 2014–Place Matters, Geography and Fantasy

This was a really interesting panel at World Fantasy (which tends to have a lot of them) on the subject of place and geography in fantasy fiction.  Joshua Palmatier, Marie Brennan, Robert Redick, Max Gladstone, Siobhan Carroll and I spent about an hour looking at the way various fantasy novels consider the subject of place and environment in a number of different ways. I’ve always been fascinated by place and space (in fact that subject made up much of my early academic work), and the conversation here was a really enjoyable one.  A word of warning–we were placed in some random area of a larger floor, and so the audio quality is not optimal.

World Fantasy Convention 2014

I’m back at the World Fantasy Convention for the fourth time, being held this time around in Arlington, Virginia; this time I’m on the Place Matters: Geography & Fantasy panel with several panelists (whose names are still being determined as of this schedule posting), and it looks to be an interesting conversation.  The panel is […]

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