New episode of Speculate! posted–along with a request.

Just a quick post to let everyone know about the new episode of Speculate!, an interview with mega-superstar fantasy author Brandon Sanderson.  Brandon is one of the epic fantasy authors I admire most, and this is a wide-ranging and interesting interview I think you’ll find interesting…so head over and check it out!

I also want to make a request: I’m not a huge fan of over the top self-promotion, but it seems silly not to let my readers know that Speculate! is eligible for the Best Fancast category in this year’s Hugo awards.  If you’re a member of Renovation, Chicon or LoneStarCon (last year’s, this year’s and next year’s Worldcons, respectively), you’re eligible to nominate, and if you’re so inclined we would certainly appreciate your support.  (And Brad, who said some incredibly nice things about me in his blog post on this very subject, is being too humble by half–he asks tons of insightful and interesting questions, and always brings his A-game to every show.  It’s been a pleasure doing the show with him, and we’re looking forward to a lot more great interviews, discussions and analyses of the authors, editors and artists which contribute to the field of speculative fiction we love.)  The deadline for nomination is 11:59 PST on March 11, 2012, so if you are interested make sure you head over to the nomination page right away–and thanks!