Readercon, July 16, 2011–Podcasts, Professions and Shameless Promotion–Combining Different Worlds

This was my second event at Readercon for this year, a solo talk on combining various aspects of one’s professional and personal background to further one’s career in writing. I wasn’t certain how this was going to go over–Readercon tends not to be big on practical aspects of the writing business to begin with, and I was moved shortly before the convention to Saturday at 9 p.m., up against a reading, a panel, and the massive draw of the Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition–but I ended up with very solid turnout and had a great time. A lot of the participants, all of whom were (of course!) great, told me they had enjoyed the talk more than anything else at Readercon in part because there is so little attention to the writing life as such, so I hope the powers that be will consider doing more of this sort of thing in the future.