So this is actually happening…

I’d say they’ve gone too far to turn back now:


It may not show up in a picture, but the quality of the books is great (the physical quality, I mean…only you can decide about the stuff inside the covers.). Five Star has a reputation for putting out a really high caliber product, and I can now confirm that the reputation is well deserved–this isn’t going to break down after a few readings. Of course these are only my copies; the book will officially be released on Wednesday to the general public. But still, there’s something pretty cool about opening up that carton and seeing the physical product of your imagination sitting right there in front of you, and something even cooler about holding it in your hands for the first time. As I’ve said before, there’s a whole lot more on the horizon: readings, signings, and, most important, writing more books. (Heck, there’s even that whole silly “official publication date” still to come. šŸ™‚ ) But for at least one day, I’m going to enjoy having these. Reality is, sometimes, an improvement over a dream.