Summer in the Emerald City and Beantown

I’m in Seattle on our yearly trip to visit family (and given the heat wave hammering the rest of the U.S. including NYC, I’m grateful!), but this time around I’m also going to be doing some work–readings, panel appearances and writing workshops at Westercon, which just so happens to be in Seattle this year.  The festivities start up on Thursday; head over to my Schedule page for all the details.

In a little under two weeks I’ll be heading back east to attend Readercon for the fifth time (seriously?  How fast does time go again?), and I’ve got some interesting events (including a group reading with other members of the Codex family) lined up there as well–again, check out the Schedule page for more.  Then it’s back home for about a month before GenCon, Wellspring, and Worldcon.  But I’m trying not to get ahead of myself…for the moment, I’m enjoying relaxing with family and getting some much needed time for writing.  If you’re in the Seattle or Boston areas, please stop by and say hello, and I’ll post with more information on upcoming events when I have it.  Until then, if you’re in the U.S., stay cool!