This is my third time at Norwescon, and they’ve got me busy with five panels, two workshops (part of the Fairwood Writers Workshops again) and a reading. George R.R. Martin is the guest of honor this year, too, so I expect the convention to be hopping–but if you’re in the Seattle area, please stop by […]

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Readercon, July 10, 2014–Power Differentials in Reviewing

A really interesting (and somewhat outside the box) panel at Readercon on the real and/or perceived tension between reviewers, the work they’re reviewing, and the people who read and comment upon the reviews.  Kevin Clark, John Clute, Amal El-Mohtar, Lila Garrott, Alex Jablokow and I took on the topic from a variety of perspectives, and while there was some lively disagreement (John had a somewhat more Romantic perspective on the critic’s role than I do, for example!), it all contributed to a energizing and fun discussion.  As is often the case at Readercon, the audio here was a bit shaky, so be warned that this may at times be a little difficult to hear.

Origins, June 13, 2014–Podcasting

This was a solo chat I did on the subject of podcasting, somewhat reprising the panels I’ve previously done at Readercon and Norwescon the last few years, but developing it for a more nuts and bolts style presentation (and with two more years of podcasting experience under my belt).  There were some interesting questions I got to field from the audience as well–all in all, an enjoyable experience.

Origins, June 12, 2014–Werewolves, Vampires and Krakens, Oh My!

One of a number of panels and workshops I had at Origins this year, this was a really interesting panel which I was lucky enough to moderate. Aaron Rosenberg, Richard C. White and I had the chance to chat about the creation of monsters in speculative fiction–which ones have been the most terrifying influences upon our work (and what made them so), and how we’ve gone about constructing our own monstrous figures.

2014 that was, 2015 to come.

Hi all, Well, it’s officially 2015–a new year, new thoughts, new beginnings. But before all of that, we have to put paid to the year that was, and 2014 was…well…quite a year. A few highlights: 1. The year kicked off (heh) with the highly successful Kickstarter for my graphic novel Icarus, being published by the […]

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