Just a quick post to thank the University Book Store in Seattle for hosting the first reading for The Third Sign. Turnout was good (especially for a beautiful Friday evening), and the event was a lot of fun…and the fact that the store sold out of its order of books was none too shabby either. šŸ™‚ UBS has been extremely supportive from the beginning, and their SFF buyer Duane Wilkens–whose knowledge of the industry is almost as impressive as his height (seriously, the guy is TALL)–had everything well in hand. Thanks to him, UBS, and everyone who came out to the reading…my next stop is at Readercon in a couple of weeks, even while I’m recording more interviews, setting up more readings, and (of course) shopping Icarus and plugging away at my third novel. Lots to do, but it’s (mostly) fun stuff.

Also, I’ll be in Seattle for two more weeks or so, so I may be a bit more quiet here than usual–blogging will get back to normal upon my return.