GenCon 2009

This is my second time going to GenCon in an “official” capacity, and the organizers have been kind enough to ratchet up my responsibilities quite a few notches this year–I’ll be on a number of panels, a read and critique session, and doing both joint and single signings of The Third Sign. (And somewhere in there I’m going to be playing a few games, by the way, but I don’t expect you to care about that. 🙂 ) As I said last year, if you haven’t been to GenCon in the past, I recommend it…it’s always a good time. My schedule is as follows:

Thursday, August 13:

10-11 a.m.: Workshop–Plot a Novel in 60 Minutes with Jean Rabe, Lawrence Connolly, Elizabeth Vaughan

11 a.m.-12 p.m.: Panel–Great Opening Lines with Patrick Rothfuss, Paul Genesse, Brad Beaulieu

6-7 p.m.–Reading in Author’s Avenue

Friday, August 14:

8-9 a.m.: Panel–Wicked Queens and Evil Kings with John Helfers, Tim Waggoner, Dylan Birtolo, Kerrie Hughes)

9-10 a.m.: Panel–Big on the Small Press with Donald Bingle, Paul Genesse, Dylan Birtolo

4-5 p.m.: Signing in Author’s Avenue with Paul Genesse

Saturday, August 15:

2-3:00 p.m.: Panel–The Writer’s Spirit with Paul Genesse, Richard Lee Byers, Daniel Myers

3-4:00 p.m.: Panel–Hunting Dragons with Paul Genesse, Richard Lee Byers, Daniel Myers

7-9:30 a.m.: Workshop–Read and Critique with Tim Waggoner, Jean Rabe

Sunday, August 16:

9-10 a.m.: Workshop–Going to the Market with Jean Rabe, Chris Pierson, Jennifer Brozek

10-11 a.m.: Panel–The Business of Writing (Agents and Query Letters) with Jean Rabe, Elizabeth Vaughan, Brad Beaulieu