Lindsay Lohan and Snow White?

Only time for a quick post today, and it’s designed to get fellow author Jim Hines in trouble: Lindsay Lohan is in talks to play a role in a movie adaptation of Jim’s newest book The Stepsister Scheme. Please note the way in which I have asserted this to be fact, despite Jim’s (clearly specious–like the actual author would know!) claim that there is as yet nothing tangible to support this rumor. Also please note, a second time, that the rumored actress is Lindsay Lohan. (There’s no truth to the speculation that Herbie will play a cameo as Cinderella’s original pumpkin carriage, however.)

For all sorts of reasons–mostly for Jim’s benefit–I hope this story turns out to be true. But even if it isn’t, I’m glad to have done my part to spread the rumor. 🙂