New reading!

From the “this just in” files, I’ve just found out that I’ll be reading a portion of Icarus at Readercon 2008! For those of you who don’t know, Readercon is a major fantasy/sci fi conference–but for writers and readers only. If you’re looking to try out your new Klingon Battlecruiser Commander outfit on for size (and who wouldn’t want to do that, by the way?), this probably isn’t the place for you. But if you’re really into the literature of fantasy and science fiction, everyone tells me it doesn’t get much better than this. I’ll be able to confirm that for myself in about a week. If you’re in the Boston area, please try to stop by–my reading is Friday at 8 p.m., but what the heck would you rather be doing on a Friday night anyway? (Don’t answer that.) Word of warning–there is a day pass cost (I don’t remember the exact amount), but as I said, there are a whole lot of great authors who are going to be here, so it’s worth your while to check it out.