This is my third time at Origins, a convention I’m really starting to put among my favorites…lots of author friends, thoughtful readers and fans asking questions, and even some games along the way.  I’m pretty busy this year with a number of panels and a reading, plus books for sale and to sign, so please stop by and say hi if you’re in the Columbus area!  My schedule looks like this:

Thursday, June 12th:

2-3 p.m.: Panel–Werewolves, Vampires and Krackens, Oh My! with Aaron Rosenberg and Richard C. White

3-4 p.m.: Panel–Heroes, Villains and Antiheroes with Addie J. King and R.T. Kaelin

5-6 p.m.: Panel–The Importance of Names with Sheryl Nantus and Donald Bingle

Friday, June 13th:

1-2 p.m.: Panel–Writing the Other with John Helfers, Sheryl Nantus and Donald Bingle

2-3 p.m.: Panel–Magic and Technology with R.T. Kaelin and Tracy Chowdhury

5-6 p.m.: Panel (Solo Talk)–Podcasting

Saturday, June 14th:

10-11 a.m.: Panel–Building a Network with Aaron Rosenberg and Bryan Young

5-6 p.m.: Extended Play Session

6-7 p.m.: Reading with Ron Garner

Sunday, June 15th:

10-11 a.m.: Panel–Ten Ways to Improve Your Fiction Today with John Helfers and R.T. Kaelin