Review, take two…

Review number two of The Third Sign has arrived, this one from, a major site for all things science fiction and fantasy…and I’m happy to report that so far TTS is two for two in the positive review department. From the review by SFFWorld’s Helen Kerslake:

“I found ‘The Third Sign’ easy to get into and within the first few chapters was immersed in the vivid fantasy world which Gregory Wilson has created. He narrates the story with just enough description to paint his characters, their emotions and surroundings without sacrificing the pace, and I felt that the action/battle sequences were particularly well-written. The way in which the author moved between various viewpoints and showed what was happening to the different areas of Klune really held my interest. He manages to create a sense of underlying danger that simmers away, making you nervous for the characters involved, without revealing too much too soon.

‘The Third Sign’ is primarily a story of political maneuvering, mystery, and action, which revolves around a small group of characters, each learning to cope with their own form of loss and new responsibilities. It also has an undertone of magic and prophecy which serve to highlight the timeless battle between good and evil. There is never a dull moment, with conflicts arising in so many ways: from the inner turmoil of a boy’s bond with his family, to disputes between the two races of Klune, and even fall-outs within a tribe…The Third Sign is an enjoyable and gripping read. I eagerly await the next installment.”

To this I can only say: awesome. Hey, if SFFWorld is good enough for John Scalzi, it’s more than good enough for me! You can find the full review here. Here’s to continued momentum!