Upon further review…no, no, not the show…

The first official review for The Third Sign is in (about which I was notified, anyway…I’m sure others will show up over time that I’m not initially aware of), and it’s a good one–Andy Gray, host of the well-respected Beezer Review, weighed in yesterday with a four out of five star review of the book. Andy’s reviews are always thoughtful, and this is no exception both in constructive criticism and praise. My favorite part comes at the end:

“While I do have some criticisms about the book, they by no means bog the book down. If anything some of my criticisms are because the quality of the book is so good I maybe expected it to be perfect. The fact remains, this is Mr. Wilson’s first foray into the fantasy genre and if this book is any indication, he is in line for a long successful career…I am eagerly looking forward to [his] next novel.”

I look forward to having the opportunity to oblige soon! Head here for the full review, and keep The Beezer Review on your bookmark list.