Updates of things both large and small…

This is a sort of housecleaning post, where I can update recent and future happenings with me–no earth-shattering announcements here, but news nonetheless. First, I’m happy to announce that I’ve just joined Codex, a writers group for “pro-level speculative fiction writers in the early stages of their careers who are actively writing.” The group requires at least one pro fiction sale or completion of a major workshop like Clarion, and as a result the writers in Codex really know their stuff–I found out about it from a couple of members at Readercon, and so far am very impressed.

Second, I’ve been remiss in not pointing out the two newest reviews of The Third Sign: the first, from Beth Cummings at Armchair Interviews, comments that “this fantasy epic is filled with political intrigue, tests of loyalty and strength, fearsome battles, as well moments of kindness, familial love and friendship between both men and other creatures…Once the action begins it moves at a fast and furious pace…a terrific job.” You can find the full review here, though beware of the few moderate spoilers contained within.

The second review comes courtesy of Shari Mulluane at Old Bat’s Belfry, who says that “balance is the watchword for this story. All of the elements that drive this tale are so well balanced it is amazing. You have just the right dose of everything to keep the story moving right along, without any aspect overwhelming another. I honestly cannot bring to mind another book that accomplishes this so well… Engaging, easy to get into and simply a good read.” The full (spoiler-free) review is here. Thanks to both reviewers for their thoughtful comments on The Third Sign.

Finally, I just found out that I’m going to be at Worldcon in Montreal in a couple of weeks, appearing on a couple of panels, doing a reading and signing, and dealing with some other writing business. This will be my first time at the oldest science fiction convention in the world, and I’m looking forward to the experience as I travel north of the border again. Details are on my Schedule page–if you’re going to be in the area, please stop by!