Go West, Young Man (and North, and South, and…)

I’ve started to get some of my schedules for upcoming conferences, and it’s reminded me how much traveling I’m going to be doing over the next six months.  I’ll be at Norwescon in Seattle at the end of March, Ad Astra in Toronto a week later, Origins in Columbus in June, Readercon in Boston in July, and Gen Con in Indianapolis and Worldcon in San Antonio in August.  That’s a lot of frequent flyer (and driver) miles, for sure…but things just worked out that way this year, and I hope it will help continue to spread the word about my work.  In any case, I’m pleased that all of these folks are interested in having me on panels and doing readings, and I’m looking forward to meeting old and new friends over the coming year.  I’ve posted my schedule for Norwescon on my Schedule page; if you’re going to be in the Seattle area at the end of March, please stop by!